Portrait of Iwein Dekoninck

I'm a digital generalist with 20 years agency and consultancy experience, specialising in user experience, interface design and development and recently search.

I work as a Search Consultant at Kaiasm, an evolution of Taxonomics. I help our clients make the most out of search, by unlocking their website(s) to the benefits of our Demand Economics work.

I'm from Belgium – that'll be why it's not obvious how to pronounce my name; it's E-wayne. I live in Bath, UK, with my wife and son, who continues to amaze me with his creativity and outlook on life.

I love trailrunning and most kinds of cycling, and I write bike and equipment reviews for road.cc. I regularly take part in events ranging from the local 5k to Ironman UK in 2008, though I'm not sure there will be a repeat of the latter.

I own 3 acres of woodland; I'm very slowly realising my dream of managing it as a permaculture and building stuff from my own trees.